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Easily update home with what’s going on in school, with an easy to navigate admin portal. You can set permissions so various members of staff can update on their year group or school activities.

What is SchoolShare?

Schoolshare is the perfect way for your school to communicate with parents, families and the wider community.

How does it work?

SchoolShare is managed through our SchoolShare portal from this website. Once we’ve provided your school with log-in details, you're good to go. It’s really straightforward and is set up in minutes. Schoolshare can be administered by many people in your school (teachers, office staff, headteacher) or individuals connected with your school (PTA’s, governors etc)

What can I share?

Let everyone know what’s going on this week by sharing the school newsletter, promote upcoming events, share photographs of your latest activities, advise term dates or the school calendar, information about after school clubs, lunch menus and send reminders or urgent notifications.

How can families see this information?

They simply download the free App. Once downloaded to a mobile device, the individual inputs your school code and can access everything you’ve decided to post. They’ll also receive urgent messages via push notifications when you send them.

What files can I share?

SchoolShare supports most types of commonly used files. (word documents, pdf’s, jpegs etc). SchoolShare will also let you share weblinks.

How much work will it be?

It’s really easy to use and will almost certainly take less time than standard methods of communication home like printing, texting and emailing. Add to that social integration, which means SchoolShare can be linked to a school Twitter account resulting in less duplication of work.

How much does SchoolShare cost?

Start using SchoolShare today for a £200.00 setup fee and just £100.00 per year

Are there any other costs?

No. SchoolShare uses “push messaging services” provided by Apple & Google which are free and unlimited. Think of all the money you’ll save by never having to print another newsletter to send home!

What if I get stuck?

No problem, just drop us a email. Free support by email is included.

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Manage communications back to home with SchoolShare, a fully hosted and managed solution.

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