For parents & carers

The simple interface provides a quick and easy way for schools to post what’s happening, from terms dates to weather disruption notices, within seconds a message is in the hands of the parents and carers.

What is SchoolShare?

SchoolShare is the perfect way for your child’s school to communicate and share information with you & the wider community.

How do I get SchoolShare?

Once you’ve got SchoolShare on your mobile device, simply enter the unique code that we’ve given your school (contact them to get this) and you’ll have access to everything the school shares.

What can I expect to see?

See what’s going on this week by reading the school newsletter or what’s coming up by viewing upcoming events. Enjoy photographs of the school’s latest activities and receive information about after school clubs, school trips, lunch menus and much more. You can also check term dates and even store diary events straight to your mobile devices’ calendar. The school will be able to send you reminders and urgent messages via push notifications.

What will it cost me?

Nothing. SchoolShare is free to anyone downloading the app.

Will it be full of information I don’t need?

SchoolShare can be tailored to only give you the information you want. Each school can categorise their information and you can select which of these categories you would like to see. So you can just look at the news for a specific year group, key stage or see everything the school decides to post.

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